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ISASS 2017: Large defect patients double the risk of early readmission

April 12, 2017

A comparison of prospectively collected large defect discectomy data to the literature showed that 5.0% of large defect patients (RCT) underwent reoperations at index level within 90-days of surgery, compared to a 2.1% weighted average rate in the general population (Literature).

Dr. Araghi (The Core Institute, Phoenix, AZ, USA), in collaboration with the Anular Closure RCT Study Group, presented on their evaluation of anular defect size and its effect on early reherniation and subsequent readmission in lumbar discectomy patients.

“It is important to note that based on the Carragee data 30-38% of patients assigned to the literature group would be expected to have large anular defects, and would potentially be already biased to having a recurrent herniation. This would suggest that the rate of recurrent herniation in the group of patients with defects smaller than 6mm would be even lower than 2.1%.

The intraoperative identification of anular defect size may offer the surgeon an opportunity to risk stratify patients for recurrent herniations, revision surgery and early readmission, potentially lowering hospital costs and preventing negative patient outcomes.

Abstract of this presentation can be found here


Image: By Don Ramey Logan - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,