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First US Barricaid Symposium chaired by NASS Past President William Watters III

September 19, 2015

On Saturday 19 September, Barricaid® Anular Closure received its first comprehensive introduction on U.S. soil. A distinguished group of U.S. surgeon thought leaders attended a half-day symposium in downtown Boston to become familiar with Barricaid® and anular closure.

A distinguished European faculty crossed the Atlantic to interact with their U.S. peers and provide a '360 degree' perspective on the European experience with Barricaid®. Dr. William Watters III chaired the scientific program that included lectures from recognized authority in spine biomechanics, Prof. Hand-Joachim Wilke (Ulm, Germany), as well as from one of the principal investigators of the Barricaid® randomized controlled trial, Prof. Claudius Thomé (Innsbruck Austria). 

Prof. Thomé presented two-year interim safety data from the landmark RCT, with patient enrollment complete at 554 patients. Dr. Adisa Kursumovic (Deggendorf, Germany) discussed six-year clinical results from a single-center registry, demonstrating a favorable symptomatic reherniation rate in patients treated with Barricaid®, as compared to the site's RCT Control patients.

Prof. Lieven Annemans, health economist from the University of Ghent (Belgium), concluded the symposium with a cost-effectiveness analysis based on the two-year interim RCT data which demonstrated favorable health economics for Barricaid® Anular Closure in the high-risk patient population. The entire symposium was broadcast over the Internet, allowing for both domestic and international surgeon audience to attend the meeting remotely.