The Barricaid annular closure device is implanted following a standard discectomy. Discectomy literally means “cutting out the disc”. Your surgeon reaches the damaged disc from the back of the spine—through the muscles and bone. Once the ruptured portion of the disc is located, your surgeon will remove it and measure the hole left behind. The size of this hole is very important: from 6mm you are at greater risk of a new herniation to occur. In this case your surgeon may decide to implant a Barricaid device, to close the hole in your disc.

The surgery is guided using x-ray images. Once the size of the hole is measured, the appropriate size of the implant is chosen. The small titanium anchor is inserted into the bone and the mesh forms a barrier that blocks the hole. By anchoring the implant in bone, it withstands the high pressure in the disc, keeping the opening closed. With the hole closed, your surgeon can preserve as much nucleus (softer center) as possible inside your disc.

After surgery your rehabilitation will be no different than after a routine discectomy surgery.