During standard herniated disc surgery your doctor will remove the portion of a herniated disc that is irritating or inflaming the nerve root, in order to relieve the pressure and reduce pain.

If confronted with a large hole in your disc, your doctor currently has two options:

  • He or she can leave the inner disc in-place, which may allow for initial pain relief and positive results. But in case of a large opening in the outer portion of the disc, the risk of a new herniation may be as high as 27%.
  • Alternatively, completely removing all the tissue material in the disc reduces the risk of it herniating again, but may lead to disc collapse and severe back pain in the future. 

Herniated disc surgery does not repair the tear in the tougher exterior of the disc (anulus). In other words, it doesn’t close the hole left after the protruding tissue has been removed. The pressure inside the disc – up to ten times that of a car tire – made it difficult, until now, to close the opening that remains after surgery.

The Barricaid® device is the first implant able to close the hole following discectomy surgery.